Residential Locksmith


Thousands of savvy of residential clients pick American Security & Lock Inc. as the security provider for their homes and loved ones. Offering the latest in security products along with cutting edge technology, we can tailor security designs for any budget. Providing an optimal safety solution customized at a price each of our varied clients can afford makes American Security & Lock Inc. the vendor of choice for the ultimate in home protection.  All of our security technicians are certified locksmiths who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with all types of products and services.

Serivices we provide:

  • Home unlocks,
  • New lock installations,
  • Home Rekeys,
  • Lock service,
  • and many other services.



Who has the keys to your house?


When moving into a new house, a new buyer can never be sure that all of the keys have been turned over to them.

  • Did the previous owner keep one?
  • Did they give a key to a neighbor, relative, or friend?
  • Could they have given a key to a private maid or trusted handyman?
  • Does it still have the construction master key working? It is surprising how many locks have never been rekeyed to eliminate the construction master key.


Residential Rekeying

When your keys have been lost or stolen, rekeying is the most cost-effective solution.  We can take your locks apart, and change the tumblers so that they no longer operate on the old keys, but operate
(usually better ) with new ones.

Rekeying frequently returns the lock to ‘like new’ functioning,  and it costs less than half what it would to replace the hardware.